SOUL Privacy Policy

Society of University Lawyers Ltd Privacy Policy

The Society of University Lawyers Ltd ("SOUL", "we", "us") is committed to protecting the privacy of our members and dealing with personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

What kinds of personal information do we collect and hold? 

We collect and hold: 

  • Names, office contact details (address, telephone, email) and other information provided on membership application forms 
  • Names and contact details of event participants obtained from event registrations
  • URL referrals of persons who visit our website
  • Information contained within emails sent to the SOUL discuss list 
  • Information contained within applications submitted for SOUL grants
  • Responses to our surveys and questionnaires

How we use the personal information collected

Generally we will only use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Assessing eligibility for and managing memberships 
  • Delivering conferences and other services to members
  • Assessing applications for SOUL grants
  • Supporting SOUL committees and working groups
  • To analyse your interaction with our website
  • To fulfil our obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)
  • Other purposes explained at the time of collection
We may disclose personal information to our Directors; other members or third parties for the purposes of those persons assisting in delivering the services or activities outlined above.

Emails that you send to the SOUL discuss list will be forwarded to all members and saved in an online archive that is accessible by all members. 

We will not use or disclose your personal information for any other purpose without first seeking your consent, unless authorised or required by law. 

Accessing and correcting your personal information

In accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles, you have the right to access any personal information which we hold about you, and to request corrections. We encourage you to update your personal information by contacting the Secretary by email to 

Further information and complaints

If you require any further information about our management of personal information or have a complaint about our handling of your personal information, please contact the Secretary by email to and we will endeavour to provide you with a written response within a reasonable time, usually 30 days.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner using the form available here:

This Privacy Policy was last updated in March 2015.